Succeed at GVSU  

Medical school acceptance is achieved, not just through strong undergraduate transcripts but through many hours of community outreach and service as well!  Medical school is very attainable if you don't mind dedicating many long nights to a few short years.

The first step is done! You are a student at Grand Valley State University! Grand Valley is a fantastic university dedicated to student success in the present and future. Grand Valley offers many resources to students and it is up to you to take advantage of these resources.  Fortunately,you are already here at this website which is full of helpful hints and links to resources around campus!

We recommend these tips to start:


Find a Good Professor: 

This is essential to your success. It is important to understand your own unique learning style, and to find a professor who can educate you in that way. That professor will be the most efficient and effective and by optimizing your learning abilities you will retain more of the class material in the future. It is difficult to know exactly how a professor teaches without being in his or her class, therefore, these resources are incredibly helpful:

-A great site for researching professors is: http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/ 

-Also, ask fellow students. Ask other Pre-SOMA members! Chances are you will find someone who has had the professor before and he or she can help you judge whether or not that professor is right for you.


Undergraduate Timeline:

Linked here is a great timeline from the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine: "Undergraduate Timeline for the Pre-Medical Student Applying to Osteopathic Medical Colleges".  This will help you not only graduate from GVSU in a timely manner, but let you know what you should be doing currently to secure a smooth and successful application process in the future.


Class Resource Collection:

Check out the GVSU Pre-SOMA Class Resource Collection! GVSU Pre-SOMA has put together our old notes, quizzes, and exams from our past classes that we feel may be of assistance to you in any future BMS class. Please contact GVSU Pre-SOMA for more information and to check out this resource!


Get a Tutor: 

The GVSU Tutoring Center is a very helpful resource that feeds off of your success!  In medical school it will be impossible to succeed without tutoring, study groups, or anything of the kind. These types of services are exactly what the GVSU Tutoring Center provides you in your Undergraduate Education! Don't let your pride hurt you. Take advantage of this now!

-The Tutoring Center is located on second floor of the Student Services Building.

The Science Learning Center is also available to you on the Allendale campus! On the third floor of Padnos resides a room with science tutors, books to check out, and free copying! This resource was formed to help you with all of your science needs and/or questions. Check them out!


Writing Center:

Do you feel your writing is lacking that certain something? Do you wish you could have an expert read and critic your papers before you turn them in for a grade? Well then visit GVSU's Fred Meijer Center for Writing! The Writing Center has Walk-In-Hours as well as appointment times for you to have your writing reviewed by their many Writing Consultants. These Writing Consultants are trained to help find that missing piece in any paper, even for Personal Statements!

- Check out the Fred Meijer Center for Writing, located at 120 Lake Ontario Hall near the south end of campus.


More resources will be added as we find more! Continue to check back.