Get Involved

First, Join Pre-SOMA!

Join us at our next meeting! Check the calendar for times, locations, and events.


Our club promotes Osteopathic Medicine on the GVSU Campus and in the local community. We hold fundraisers and events to raise money for local philanthropies which have simultaneous benefits for Pre-Medical students as they involve themselves in the community and prepare to apply to Medical School. At meetings we host speakers from the surrounding D.O. schools and D.O. medical professionals as well as discuss topics of interests and the club's yearly activities.

Everyone is welcome to attend so bring friends!  Become a part of GVSU Pre-SOMA on Stuey to get all of our emails and to be able to email us your comments and questions.  To join Stuey follow the link and the directions below:

How to Sign up for Pre-SOMA on Stuey!
1. Go to www.gvsu.edu/studentlife/stuey/ or follow this link: GVSU Pre-SOMA Stuey Link
2. Click "My Organizations"
3. Log-in using your GVSU username and password
4. Click "All Organizations"
5. Scroll down to find "Pre-Students of Osteopathic Medicine Association"
6. Click "Request to Join" and then, once we have accepted you as a member, you must log back into Stuey and officially accept your membership!


Second, Get Involved in Your Community!

Up and Coming Events:

  • MSU/COM "See The Sites": CLICK HERE for a link to the MSU/COM flier (You may need to convert the file to see the entire document)
  • The Michigan Medical Education Day 2012 is scheduled for Saturday Oct. 6, 2012. Check out this website for more information: http://www.greatlakesmedicine.org/

Pre-SOMA Volunteer Opportunities:

Many more Fall 2012 and Winter 2013 Volunteer events are soon to come as we get the new year rolling!

  • Eric Stevens from the Community Service Learning Center will be speaking about possible community service opportunities on October 8th, 2012 at 9pm in Room 2259 Kirkoff Center
  • Baxter Community Center Tutoring inter-city school's 1st - 12th grades - Contact Alissa Brouwer at alissa.brouwer@gmail.com if interested.
  • Hispanic Tutoring Center for high schoolers in science and math - Contact Alissa Brouwer at alissa.brouwer@gmail.com if interested
  • Spectrum Hospital for volunteer clinical hours - Contact Jenny Savage, Volunteer Coordinator, jenny.savage@spectrumhealth.org
  • St. Mary's Hospital for volunteer clinical hours - Contact Rachel Selgo, Volunteer Coordinator, selgor@trinity-health.org 
  • Veteran's Home: A nursing home in Grand Rapids for veterans - Contact Alissa Brouwer at alissa.brouwer@gmail.com if interested
  • W.E.S.H.: An organization just started by Matt Kuivenhoven to help provide clean water to villages in Africa, this group, if it receives enough members will go on a month long Mission Trip to Ghana, Africa to help build and maintain the pure water wells.  For more information contact Matt at kuivenhm@mail.gvsu.edu and/or visit this website: http://thewaterproject.org/community/profile/maxwell-wingelaar
 If you have any other volunteer opportunities or would like to take the group some where (ie., Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, ...) let me know via email at Loweer@mail.gvsu.edu

GVSU Volunteer Opportunities:

  • One-Time Volunteer Opportunities (CLICK HERE): http://www.gvsu.edu/service/one-time-service-opportunities-42.htm
  • On-Going Opportunities (CLICK HERE): http://www.gvsu.edu/service/on-going-opportunities--1.htm
If you have anymore volunteer opportunities for our members to get involved with please send us your ideas and we will announce them next meeting and post them here! On this website!